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Fast Installation

We offer fast and efficient installation and maintenance services for AC repairs, duct cleaning, water damage restoration, and more.

Experienced Technician

We have been providing professional AC Repair and Air Duct cleaning for years. We hire only experienced and efficient techs for the best service around.

All Work Guaranteed

We use the highest quality products to ensure clean, fresh air and a healthier cleaner home. We guarantee top-notch quality for every service, every time.

Commercial Services

Cooling city Centre Company technicians are well versed in commercial services as well as residential. Call us today for all of your Commercial Service needs.

Window AC

These are hanging out of many house windows. This is the most used and economical air conditioner system. It is a single unit, which sits in a window or an opening in a wall with its rear releasing hot air outside and the front part releasing cool air into the room. Windows AC has size limitation and doesn't go beyond 2 Ton capacity.We service all types of Windows AC issues.


Split AC

The splitting of the two units in an AC allows one to install the cooling unit inside and the hot noisy compressor unit outside with flexibility. Since two units are separate they can be larger or smaller, hence two indoor small units can be connected to one large outdoor unit.We service all types of Windows AC issues.